Time for a 2020 Design Spring Clean

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Every year around this time we start thinking about giving our home, our office and our life a spring clean. Applying some professional wardrobe de-cluttering theory and asking whether or not the jacket had an outing in the past 12 months, we ruthlessly bin the old and re-organise the new. It’s a positive experience similar to the feeling of packing light for a holiday or moving into a new house or office – although some secret hoarding issues may be unearthed.

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Top 10 Agency Value Drivers

I came across this list in recent years, source unknown
It shows what is important to client ie not necessarily creative awards.
Its a few years old now but worth a read.
And it came from client feedback.

  1. Work in agile and adaptive ways (Be Flexible)
  2. Bring new consumer insights (Be Proactive)
  3. Develop solutions that can live in multiple communication channels (Don’t just think of the Hollywood TV ad)
  4. Collaborate internally to insure that the best ideas emerge (Use all the idea diversity in your agency)
  5. Contribute solutions that transcend advertising
  6. Provide ideas without waiting to be asked. Like 2
  7. Be more focussed on results and take responsibility for effectiveness (It’s not a joke telling or colouring in competition)
  8. Show leadership in digital marketingMake sure your best talent to contributing to the business
  9. Show leadership in digital marketing (Not just duplicating the same media plan)
  10. Identify and explore new channels and approaches.

Survey – Design charge out rates Ireland 2018/2019/2020 – Anonymous


I get asked a lot of questions by designers about how much they should charge and what do other designers charge. So I have created this survey to share learnings with all designers in Ireland.
Please take the survey. There are only 2 questions.

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Results which are continually updated can be viewed here.

Survey – Creative IT 2018


The creative industry has not always been the best at researching and selecting the best production and financial systems. Some agencies are using very old offline and unconnected systems or even none at all. Smart Media is trying to capture some information on IT use in the creative industry so we share the data and can make better decisions. Please help by answering seven quick questions in this anonymous survey.

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Results will be published here in early 2019.



With over 300,000 expected over three days the size of The Ploughing Championships needs to be seen to be believed. A complete cross section of Irish  life is here but unsurprisingly, there are a lack of beards.

Here are some of the interesting stands we found on our wanderings.

Irish Heart offered pulse checks and blood pressure check and a VR experience.




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