About & Services

Smart Media Smart Media is a Business to Business (B2B) marketing and business design consultancy.

We use design thinking to create and improve brands, products and services.

And then to attract, win, retain and grow customers.

We do this by mapping your customer’s journey, then identifying all issues and opportunities to improve experiences and outcomes.

We work across brand, digital, sales, HR, marketing and customer service teams.

We make your business better by design.

Consultancy Services:

• business design: brand and business strategy review and development
• digital strategy
• creating grant, investor, pitch and sales proposals
• advertising, design and content
• optimising customer journeys

We work with software companies, B2B membership organisations, financial services, creative companies and many others who are targeting their products or services at other businesses.

Contact John to discuss your project.

old photos of wright and sons shop

Consensus Cloud Solution – eFax Corporate ‘Scrap The Server’ European campaign
Consensus Cloud Solutions – eFax Corporate ‘Scrap The Server’ European campaign
Grenville Procurement Partners / Greenville Academy ‘Implementing Green Procurement’ Training Programme for the Public Sector
PAN Research – National Customer Digital Touchpoint Research Report

Clients Include:
Consensus Cloud Solutions (B2B SaaS)
Local Enterprise Office (B2B Supports)
Linked Finance (Peer to Peer Finance)
MASF Diversity & Inclusion Consultants (Professional Consultancy)
Greenville Procurement Partners (B2B Professional Consultancy & Training Academy)
Typeform (Creative Services)
PAN Research (Research, Customer Experience, Mystery Shopping)
Bloom Advertising (Creative Services)
Wrights of Howth (B2B Seafood and B2C Retail)