Business to Business Marketing – 11 Mistakes/Opportunities

The same mistakes seem to be made in Business to Business marketing over and over again. But the good news is they usually translate into opportunities if most competitors are doing them or quick wins for you to tweak what you currently do.

  1. Stop talking about features. Only your team cares about the features. Frame features as benefits.
  2. Write and speak like a human would speak to another human not computer to computer, or techy to techy.
  3. Do not pass potential customers directly to a sales, technical or accounts team member after the first initial contact. This will feel like the dreaded ‘transferring your call’ experience.
  4. Over 40% of B2B marketing spend is on exhibitions. Consider other channels that are less crowded.
  5. Plan your entire potential and existing customers journey, make sure there are no gaps in their experience. It’s not all about sales or service.
  6. Golf and Rugby are not the only two sports in the world.
  7. Practise your pitch/pitch deck with an objective third party. Most companies only do this internally.
  8. Get a professional to mystery shop your own services and learn, learn, learn.
  9. Have your website properly user-tested (75% of people base the credibility of a business on its website)
  10. Ask yourself are you guilty of random acts of marketing?
  11. Using Linkedin to sell does not work, using it to share insights, useful and inspiring content does work.