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Shop Local, Irish, Green

In the rush to get the post-Covid world back to the pre-Covid world there has been a focus on shopping locally and nationally. Environmental and wealth distribution positives aside its a positive news story that many public and private backed organisations are keen to promote. There are many different campaigns, websites and resources out there and the difficulty in competing with Amazon etc does not need to be stated and being divided will not help. Here is a summary of a few I have come across. Maybe Amazon will add a buy Irish / buy local button.

Local Enterprise Office

Just Buy Irish


Guaranteed Irish 

Digital Business Ireland
Click Green (buy nearby)

ShopLocal (not just for Christmas)



Buy Local

Business to Business B2B Design

Business to Business Marketing – 11 Mistakes/Opportunities

The same mistakes seem to be made in Business to Business marketing over and over again. But the good news is they usually translate into opportunities if most competitors are doing them or quick wins for you to tweak what you currently do.

  1. Stop talking about features. Only your team cares about the features. Frame features as benefits.
  2. Write and speak like a human would speak to another human not computer to computer, or techy to techy.
  3. Do not pass potential customers directly to a sales, technical or accounts team member after the first initial contact. This will feel like the dreaded ‘transferring your call’ experience.
  4. Over 40% of B2B marketing spend is on exhibitions. Consider other channels that are less crowded.
  5. Plan your entire potential and existing customers journey, make sure there are no gaps in their experience. It’s not all about sales or service.
  6. Golf and Rugby are not the only two sports in the world.
  7. Practise your pitch/pitch deck with an objective third party. Most companies only do this internally.
  8. Get a professional to mystery shop your own services and learn, learn, learn.
  9. Have your website properly user-tested (75% of people base the credibility of a business on its website)
  10. Ask yourself are you guilty of random acts of marketing?
  11. Using Linkedin to sell does not work, using it to share insights, useful and inspiring content does work.
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Covid-19 Business Supports, Resources & Initiatives

Depending on who you talk to its #Business AsUsual or #NotBusinessAsUsual but thankfully whatever boat you are in there are multiple supports for cashflow, resources and information.

Local Enterprise Offices in every Irish county have introduced the Business Continuity Voucher (€2500) and upgraded the Trading Online Voucher now available in two parts (€2500 for each voucher with only 10% matching funding required from your business).

The Restart Grant is open for applications. This offers a rebate of up to €10,000, based on last years created for businesses to help them reopen. Apply via Local Enterprise Office dlr, Dublin City Council, or any other LEO

Serious financing is available through the SBCI Covid-19 Working Capital Loan Scheme and Micro Finance Ireland’s Covid-19 Business Loan Scheme. There are also many alternative lenders to the banks including Linked Finance, Grid Finance and Flender.

The COVID-19 Online Retail Scheme by Enterprise Ireland awards funding to support a maximum of 80% of the project eligible costs with a maximum grant of €40,000. Deadline Wed 27th May.

An Post have launched their AdMailer direct mail grant which is worth €1,000. Sky Ireland have launched their AdSmart support worth €10,000 in TV advertising.

All the main business representative groups including  IBEC, SFA, ISME, Restaurants Association of Ireland, Retail Excellence, Chambers Ireland, Family Business Network Ireland, have all put forward their recommendation to the government to get the economy started again. as well as listing supports available to their members. Some of these organisations have come together under the banner SME Recovery.

Mentoring by SFA and Skillnet Ireland is a free business mentoring support for businesses in any sector. This is now fully booked but Local Enterprise Offices deliver a heavily subsidised mentoring program.

Shop & Support Local & Irish

There is also a big push on to support local shops and business around Ireland now and when everything is reopened. Initiatives include Just Buy Irish, Shop Local Online, Shop Limerick, Bounce Back Ireland OneADay and Buying Online.

The American Chamber of Commerce has launched their #SupportYourLocalBusinessCampaign.

Business to Business B2B Design

Top 10 Agency Value Drivers

I came across this list in recent years, source unknown. It shows what is important to clients, not necessarily creative awards. It’s a few years old now but worth a read. And it came from direct client feedback.

  1. Work in agile and adaptive ways (Be Flexible)
  2. Bring new consumer insights (Be Proactive)
  3. Develop solutions that can live in multiple communication channels (Don’t just think of the Hollywood TV ad)
  4. Collaborate internally to insure that the best ideas emerge (Use all the idea diversity in your agency)
  5. Contribute solutions that transcend advertising
  6. Provide ideas without waiting to be asked. Like 2
  7. Be more focussed on results and take responsibility for effectiveness (It’s not a joke telling or colouring in competition)
  8. Show leadership in digital marketingMake sure your best talent to contributing to the business
  9. Show leadership in digital marketing (Not just duplicating the same media plan)
  10. Identify and explore new channels and approaches.Smart Media works with creative agencies to help them give the best experience to their customers and staff.