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    Useful Links

    Business SupportsLocal Enterprise OfficeDun Laoghaire TownI Love BlackrockEnterprise IrelandSandyford Busiess District General Business Representative BodiesIBECSFAISMEChambers Ireland (Creative) Industry bodies and associations in IrelandIDI  Institute of Designers in IrelandIAPI  Institute of Advertising Professionals in IrelandICAD Institute of Creative Advertising and DesignDCCOI Design and crafts councilAAI Association of Advertisers in IrelandCXPA Customer Experience  Professionals AssociationDBA Design Business Association UK  […]

  • Time for a Design Spring Clean

    Time for a Design Spring Clean

    Every year around this time we think about giving our home, our office, and our life a spring clean. Applying some professional wardrobe de-cluttering theory and asking whether the jacket had an outing in the past 12 months, we ruthlessly bin the old and re-organise the new. It’s a positive experience similar to the feeling […]

  • To tender or not to tender

    To tender or not to tender

    Successful public sector tendering offers some solid, recurring income for creative agencies that have cracked the process, but many agencies consider them too time consuming, too price focussed or overly favouring incumbents. That aside, there are many opportunities available over the €25,000 tender threshold and many more below that bought in a more informal way. […]

  • Shop Local, Irish, Green

    Shop Local, Irish, Green

    In the rush to get the post-Covid world back to the pre-Covid world there has been a focus on shopping locally and nationally. Environmental and wealth distribution positives aside its a positive news story that many public and private backed organisations are keen to promote. There are many different campaigns, websites and resources out there […]

  • Business to Business Marketing – 11 Mistakes/Opportunities

    Business to Business Marketing – 11 Mistakes/Opportunities

    The same mistakes seem to be made in Business to Business marketing over and over again. But the good news is they usually translate into opportunities if most competitors are doing them or quick wins for you to tweak what you currently do. Stop talking about features. Only your team cares about the features. Frame […]

  • Sign of the Times

    Sign of the Times

    With COVID 19 has come a new language of signage. Ireland has had a largely positive consistent government-led approach to signage and messaging for social distancing, hand washing etc Many brands have now put their own spin on things which can add to visual confusion. For example, a shop window may now have dozens of […]

  • Better Call Saul – legal ads in Ireland

    Better Call Saul – legal ads in Ireland

    While flicking through Business Plus Magazine I came across their special on the legal sector in Ireland and views from the Managing Partners of these law firms. First off it has to be said this sector does not like risk, they prefer others to do that and help them with it. It is an inherently […]

  • Latest Linkedin Posts

    Latest Linkedin Posts

    Flat wine, Buy Irish, WhyPhone?, FAQs, Thinking Time & moreConnect on Linkedin

  • Covid-19 Business Supports, Resources & Initiatives

    Covid-19 Business Supports, Resources & Initiatives

    Depending on who you talk to its #Business AsUsual or #NotBusinessAsUsual but thankfully whatever boat you are in there are multiple supports for cashflow, resources and information. Local Enterprise Offices in every Irish county have introduced the Business Continuity Voucher (€2500) and upgraded the Trading Online Voucher now available in two parts (€2500 for each […]

  • Invisible Man – A Linkedin Experiment

    Invisible Man – A Linkedin Experiment

    Experiment: As an experiment I posted the following on Friday 28th February 2020 at around 5pm. Please click ‘like’ if you are one of my 1,973 connections to see this post. This is an experiment to see how well Linkedin can work for you when you don’t pay for promoted posts. #b2bmarketing #design Results: After […]

  • Top 10 Agency Value Drivers

    Top 10 Agency Value Drivers

    I came across this list in recent years, source unknown. It shows what is important to clients, not necessarily creative awards. It’s a few years old now but worth a read. And it came from direct client feedback. Work in agile and adaptive ways (Be Flexible) Bring new consumer insights (Be Proactive) Develop solutions that […]

  • Survey – Design charge out rates Ireland 2021 Anonymous

    I get asked a lot of questions by designers about how much they should charge and what do other designers charge. So I have created this survey to share learnings with all designers in Ireland.Please take the survey. There are only 2 questions. Create your own user feedback survey 2018-2020 survey results

  • Survey – Creative IT

    The creative industry has not always been the best at researching and selecting the best production and financial systems. Some agencies are using very old offline and unconnected systems or even none at all. Smart Media is trying to capture some information on IT use in the creative industry so we share the data and can make better […]

  • Creative urges

    Everyday I wake up in a badly designed world. Like most designers, I have a strong urge to improve things which I see as badly designed. Most of our complaints during the day revolve around bad design. Just listen to your colleagues and friends talk about printers, or coffee machines, or parking. But it is […]

  • Designing health

    As the Irish election looms, our health sector is a major issue on the doorsteps. Leo Varadkar has stated that there is no quick fix to the system, and only incremental, strategic changes over time will improve the service. We spend enough (relative to other countries) on health to expect a better service and results. […]

  • Designing the best customer experience

    Design is a lot more than just chairs, logos, websites and clothes. Design is now rightfully taking its seat at boardroom tables. Design thinking is now core to the success of most modern businesses. As customers, we do not separate the product/service we bought, and the experience we had buying it. Customer experience comes directly […]

  • As disciplines converge

    We have all been in meetings where the client decides that all their agencies need to get round a table and share/contribute to the common good, namely the brand. The media agency looks over at the digital agency and identifies what piece of their pie they would like. The branding agency looks at the ad […]

  • Harder, better, faster, stronger

    In 1990, I was still in school and recovering from Féile ’90. Desktop publishing had started to take hold and was to revolutionise, democratise (some might even say homogenise) and forever change the design industry. Apple, now the biggest company in the world, was struggling to exist with the design industry as it’s only real […]

  • Persuading & Nudging

    Design needs to capture the attention and set a tone but increasingly a designer’s thinking is used by organisations in a non-graphic way. Most of us in marketing try and change consumer behaviour. Changing may, of course, involve doing more of the same thing, Advertising may at time be guilty of the sledgehammer approach and […]

  • What clients want

    John Moore on the art of agreeing on a client-agency prenup. Whether you are from the design agency side or the client-side (often known as “the dark side”, a moniker in itself which is psychologically most probably a bad start for a relationship), you will probably either have experienced frustration from the other side not […]

  • Design: Experts in weaving webs

    Why creating websites should really be left to designers Once upon a time there was a powerful ‘being’ called the webmaster. The webmaster was the holy trinity of writer, designer and developer. Often from a network IT background, their role was more security guard than marketeer. The site’s design, accessibility and ability to change for […]

  • Death by PowerPoint

    Sometime in the last 20 years, the role of presenting was handed over to Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Others like Keynote and Prezi have tried to challenge the big P, but the key role of presenting a business to another business (or its staff) seems to always fall back to that old workhorse. Strangely the role of […]

  • It’s about investment

    Design is commonly seen as a cost. It can come from the client from a lack of understanding, or equally from the design agency that concentrates on order taking or the aesthetics and not enough on the return on investment (ROI). Design is one of the most important investments Irish marketers can make in business, […]

  • Greater identity

    Welcome to the first Design Brief column in magazine. I feel a little bit like the independent TD entering the Dail for the first time, up against the might of the advertising, media and PR parties who have dominated this publication for along time. But things are about to change, so here is the revolutionary design […]