Sign of the Times

With COVID 19 has come a new language of signage. Ireland has had a largely positive consistent government-led approach to signage and messaging for social distancing, hand washing etc Many brands have now put their own spin on things which can add to visual confusion. For example, a shop window may now have dozens of COVID 19 signs externally and internally, many of them with different variations of the same message and this can lead to being overwhelmed, confusion and eventually wallpaper like apathy.

Signage has some key rules that need to be followed to actually work.
Less is more. Use as few words and images as possible, clarity is key, attention spans are short.
Accessibility / Universal Design. Is the font size, colour, contrast and location suitable for all ages and abilities?
• Sense. Is it obvious where something is / what I need to do?
Consistent Repetition. The same sign should appear multiple times on your journey eg from outside of a shop to checkout.
Use a professional designer, like you would a doctor

Mask wearing and the associated rule adherence, rule confusion, policing and ‘shaming’ is currently a big issue. I’ve designed a number of signs with some crowd feedback from peers on Linkedin to help simplify the communications around mask-wearing. Comments welcome. Subsequently, the HSE/Government of Ireland have issued some ‘softer’ notices.