To tender or not to tender

Successful public sector tendering offers some solid, recurring income for creative agencies that have cracked the process, but many agencies consider them too time consuming, too price focussed or overly favouring incumbents.

That aside, there are many opportunities available over the €25,000 tender threshold and many more below that bought in a more informal way.

For anyone interested there are many companies that offer training and supports in this area.

Office of Government Procurement Official Irish government procurement information
ETenders View and respond to live tenders in Ireland
ETenders Northern Ireland View and respond to live tenders in Northern Ireland
Intertrade Ireland Helping companies do business cross border
Greenville Procurement Training & Consultancy for Public Sector
Bid Services Bid management and training
Orbidal Software to help private sector companies in creating tenders
Keystone Tender Management and Training
Tender Team Help preparing tenders